Our Approach

Market Insight

VIRIDIS Global specialise in four markets: Consulting, Technology & Digital, Outsourcing and Finance & Risk. We appreciate how nuanced, diverse and challenging these sectors are and focus on developing our deep technical and operative understanding rather than covering generic competencies, pulling on years of experience in identifying true talent.


The modern recruitment market has fundamentally changed in recent years with the advent of web analytics, social media and social networks such as LinkedIn. However, traditional networking skills and recruitment processes still add that extra dimension enabling us to identify passive or hidden talent and gaining privileged insight whilst bringing people, clients and positions to life facilitating the perfect technical and cultural fit.


Our business flourishes because we make great matches between candidates and clients. However, candidate motivation and interview performance is critical. We strive to provide unparalleled preparation and insight throughout the recruitment process from the initial introductory interviews thorough to the closing of offers to ensure candidates understand and reflect the strategic importance of any given position.